Resurfacing of Courts 3 & 4 is now complete

Great news…..

Courts 3 and 4 have now been resurfaced, and temporary lines have been painted, so that play may take place, although the contractors have asked us NOT to use these courts until Sunday 15th March. We are hosting a tournament run by the South Somerset Tennis Development Group, which will take place throughout the day on Sunday, so unfortunately there will be no access to the courts for members.

The surface painting of Courts 3 and 4 will be completed within the next month or two, when the weather is warmer, and we hope that you will be pleasantly surprised by the colours that your committee has chosen! Court No. 4 will also have some mini orange lines marked out on it, to help Dan with his junior tennis programme.

The second phase of resurfacing, ie Courts 1 and 2, will take place in August/September.  This phasing of the works has allowed us to keep two courts available at all times, which has been our biggest priority.  (These courts will be the same mystery colours, without any lines for junior tennis).

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