We currently have eight teams which play in the following Yeovil & District Summer Leagues:

– Five men’s teams (Divisions 1, 2, 3, & 5)
– Two ladies teams (Division 2 & 3)
– One mixed team (Division 2)

We also run two mixed teams which play in the Yeovil & District Winter League

Please click on the links below to view the current league tables:

Men’s A Team: https://competitions.lta.org.uk/sport/league/draw?id=A15BD33B-F3FD-48D2-BFD8-C8011E5EE572&draw=9

Men’s B Team: https://competitions.lta.org.uk/sport/league/draw?id=A15BD33B-F3FD-48D2-BFD8-C8011E5EE572&draw=10

Men’s C Team: https://competitions.lta.org.uk/sport/league/draw?id=A15BD33B-F3FD-48D2-BFD8-C8011E5EE572&draw=10

Men’s D Team: https://competitions.lta.org.uk/sport/league/draw?id=A15BD33B-F3FD-48D2-BFD8-C8011E5EE572&draw=11

Men’s E Team: https://competitions.lta.org.uk/sport/league/draw?id=A15BD33B-F3FD-48D2-BFD8-C8011E5EE572&draw=14

Ladies A Team: https://competitions.lta.org.uk/sport/league/draw?id=A15BD33B-F3FD-48D2-BFD8-C8011E5EE572&draw=4

Ladies B Team: https://competitions.lta.org.uk/sport/league/draw?id=A15BD33B-F3FD-48D2-BFD8-C8011E5EE572&draw=5

Mixed A Team: https://competitions.lta.org.uk/sport/league/draw?id=A15BD33B-F3FD-48D2-BFD8-C8011E5EE572&draw=17

WTC Team Captains 2021

Team Captain Phone Number
Men’s A Team Andy Newman 07967 106409
Men's B Team Rik Elvidge 07767 818403
Men’s C Team Charles Whittaker 07966 762109
Men's D Team Lee Tibbatts 07803 725350
Men's E Team Lee Tibbatts 07803 725350
Ladies A & B Team Julia Moldram 07772 192368
Summer Mixed Captain David Roberts 07906 511622
Winter Mixed Captain Caroline Landymore 01747 228819





For further information and to become a member please contact us