Great News!!! The court re-surfacing project is underway.

Your committee have secured a very good deal from a very reputable contractor, ‘First Serve’, who will undertake the resurfacing of the courts in several stages, as detailed below:

Starting on 2nd February, Courts 3 &4 will be out of action for three weeks, (the works are weather-dependent), whilst the courts are partially dug up, new drainage is installed, and a new playing surface is laid.  The courts will then be marked out with temporary lines, so that they can be played upon.  They will then be sprayed in the colours chosen by your committee, and re-marked, probably in April or May, when the average temperature is somewhat higher.  These courts will take a full 12 months to completely harden off, so they will NOT be playable during hot weather.  If they are used, then the surface may be damaged, so the committee will endeavour to lock these courts during any very warm periods.  Please use your own common sense on very hot days.

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Andy Newman

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